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All types of trucks that are larger than a certain size have requirements that all corporations who operate these trucks must follow.

Accident Types

There are a vast number of different types of trucking accidents on the road today. Click to learn more about the many types of trucking accidents.

Types of Claims

When there is a semi-truck accident, the result is often a destroyed car, serious injury, or even death. It is common knowledge that when an injury or death occurs, that is someone else’s fault, a lawyer is often needed.

Semi-Truck Accident Information & Tips

This site is a safety and resource site dedicated to those involved in semi-truck accidents and the prevention of future accidents.

This site is dedicated to those lost or injured in semi-truck accidents. The site is to provide an abundance of information to fully investigate and hold accountable the trucking companies that use poor safety procedures, hire unsafe drivers, force drivers to work long hours, forge logbooks, and place the communities which they drive through at risk.

The department of transportation issues report that show the number of drivers a company has, and the number of drivers they employ. Every time a truck company harms someone in the community, more than just the injured continue to be at risk.

The site is committed to help reducing unsafe and illegal semi-truck accidents. We will provide information, types of accidents, regulations, types of claims, explain medical bills, and provide guidelines to choosing the best doctors and lawyers.

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