A New Way to Calculate Customs Risk

Logistics management will soon have a new tool for calculating “trade policy impact”. This will greatly improve the financial predictions and forecast methods for logistics corporations across the country. As technology advances we hope safety risks in global logistics and trade will be able to be better predicted like this. Read more about this new tool in the article below.

As readers of our Global Logistics 2017: Customs & Regulations Update, have learned, we rely heavily on the expertise of a handful of industry leaders for the best market intelligence. 

BPE Global, a leading trade compliance consulting firm based in San Francisco, has launched the Trade Policy Impact Calculator, a free tool accessible to logistics managers.

The calculator offers a fiscal snapshot of possible trade changes and the impact to companies bottom lie. 

The calculator is designed help CEO’s develop a strategic plan to ensure profitability under the incoming U.S. Administration.

According to BPE president, Beth Pride, CFO’s will get bottom line costs for budgeting and forecasting purposes. COO’s will have estimates so they can develop proactive manufacturing and supply chain strategies to optimize margin.

Chief Counsels will understand the implications of U.S. trade policy impact on existing sales, service and manufacturing contracts.

And Chief Marketing officers will be able to develop sales, marketing and pricing strategies inclusive of any increased or decreased Cost of Goods Sold (COGS).

Ms. Pride also notes that this free calculator allows logistics managers to take their company’s ACE data “and with the push of a button,” get a fact-based data sheet that shows the impact of the President Trump’s proposed trade policies. 
“The report is based on your actual import activity in 2016,” she says. “We let you insert your import value, origin and classification data into the calculator and then the calculator analyzes your data. It calculates how your imports in 2016 would have looked considering statements that the President made as a candidate during the campaign such as placing a 45 percent duty on imports from China and 35 percent duty on imports from Mexico.”

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