An Accident With Honey Bees

Sometimes people are not the only ones injured in semi truck accidents.  Recently, a semi truck hauling thousands of honey bees was involved in an accident which, in turn crushed many of the boxes containing hives.  Read the blog post from our sister website, Ernst Law Group, below for more details.

Honey Bees Euthanized After Semi Truck Accident

A crash during the first week of November left thousands of honey bees dead. The accident occurred on Interstate 80 in Auburn at around 7 p.m.

According to reports, traffic on the freeway had backed up fairly quickly. A semi truck driver had to leave the roadway quickly to avoid a collision. The semi truck driver was hauling thousands of honey bees at the time of the accident. Boxes of hives were crushed in the incident and the driver sustained injuries.

Because the honey bees created a dangerous situation for the public, local firefighters who responded to the scene were forced to drown them with hoses. A local beekeeper said that it was a tragedy for the hives and a loss for the owners of the bees. It may have been easier, the beekeeper said, to have controlled the situation in a different manner had the accident happened during daylight hours.

The crash could have been much worse had the truck driver not chosen to leave the highway. As it stands, the mess took hours to clean up and a person was left injured.The accident itself remains under investigation. It is unknown if the driver of the semi truck, or anyone else, will face charges because of the wreck.

If you have been involved in a semi truck accident in San Luis Obispo, you have legal rights. Reach out to our team of experienced accident attorneys and discover more about the appropriate next steps. We will speak to you during a no-cost evaluation and help you make important decisions.


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