Adjusting for Decreased Need in Print Media

Slowly but surely print media is being phased out for online content. There are many who prefer content in print but the vast majority enjoy online books for its green implications and minimal cost. The move to online goods and media has affected the logistics industry but it isn’t all negative. People will still needs physical goods delivered to them and this company may have found a way to facilitate print media transactions.

When an industry is facing serious change, companies must adapt in order to survive. Publishing is one of many industries in which shifts in available technology platforms and consumer behavior are forcing companies to rewrite their game plans.

How will they do it?

There is no simple answer, but a solution cannot be found without addressing the supply chain.

For one top global publisher, it meant adjusting to declining print volumes and increases in smaller, more customized orders. The company chose to engage a third-party logistics provider to consolidate facilities and rewrite their supply chain story. This white paper details the four goals that the provider had to meet, and how those goals were exceeded.

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