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Moving Freight Beyond The Border

With an increase of trucking companies looking beyond the border to move freight, there comes an increase amount of paperwork and security threats. Moving shipments across the border is an entirely new playing field. With a broad spectrum of challenges comes needed solutions. This article provides details on how to tackle the cross-border shipping challenges. […]

Iowa Prioritizes Truck Driver Safety Regulations

This year, Iowa took part in the annual International Roadcheck program focusing on the importance of hours-of-service compliance. The number of violations given to drivers of large trucks driving beyond the 14-hour limit grew substantially last year. Officials realized the need for driving safety implementation, for not only the drivers but the pedestrians they put […]

Reducing Traffic Fatalities to Zero by 2050

The amount of daily vehicle deaths is unfathomable and with recent inclines, the National Safety Council needed to step in. The council proposed a report which demonstrates a plan of action that will take place over the next 30 years. Although car accidents make up a large majority of traffic deaths, the council put focus […]

Regulations For Semi Trucks and Trains Paused

One of the Department of Transportation’s biggest roles is to regulate all modes of transportation to ensure safety, efficiency, and uniformity across the country.  With that come new rules and regulations on a regular basis that are proposed and either accepted or rejected by government officials.  Lately, President Trump has changed the game by stopping […]

Getting Answers in a Semi Truck Accident

In almost all types of car accidents, insurance companies or law enforcement (if allowed) will attempt to gather facts and information pertaining to the accident to determine fault and other things.  An investigation can be fairly simple by going off of statements given or it can be more complicated by examining other factors.  In semi […]