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Regulations For Semi Trucks and Trains Paused

One of the Department of Transportation’s biggest roles is to regulate all modes of transportation to ensure safety, efficiency, and uniformity across the country.  With that come new rules and regulations on a regular basis that are proposed and either accepted or rejected by government officials.  Lately, President Trump has changed the game by stopping […]

Getting Answers in a Semi Truck Accident

In almost all types of car accidents, insurance companies or law enforcement (if allowed) will attempt to gather facts and information pertaining to the accident to determine fault and other things.  An investigation can be fairly simple by going off of statements given or it can be more complicated by examining other factors.  In semi […]

An Accident With Honey Bees

Sometimes people are not the only ones injured in semi truck accidents.  Recently, a semi truck hauling thousands of honey bees was involved in an accident which, in turn crushed many of the boxes containing hives.  Read the blog post from our sister website, Ernst Law Group, below for more details. Honey Bees Euthanized After […]

An App for Truck Drivers

Those in the e-commerce and logistics industries are always looking for ways to improve trucking efficiency and safety. The latest efficiency improving method is an app created by Amazon. It’s called Relay, and it is aimed at helping truck drivers pick up and drop off packages from Amazon warehouses quicker. Since Amazon is a logistics […]

Making Semis Safer

Semi trucks take a certain set of skills to drive and operate not only because of their size, but also because of all their components.  As new technology emerges, so do new safety features for vehicles.  That is why truck manufacturers are constantly trying to add improved features on new models of semi trucks.  Lately, manufacturers […]

Sharing The Road

There are more semi trucks on the roads across the country than ever before.  Different parts of the country have different terrains and weather which changes driving conditions.  Being courteous of semi trucks when you are driving a smaller vehicle will allow everyone to better navigate through unfamiliar areas and conditions.  Continue reading to learn […]

Preventing Fatigue

It’s no secret that semi truck drivers put in long hours on the road.  Their schedules are often all over the place which makes it easy for fatigue to set in.  Fatigue is, unfortunately, a cause of some truck accidents.  The good news is there are ways to prevent fatigue.  Thanks to those over at […]

The Facts Behind Semi Truck Accidents

Semi truck accidents happen every day, and as more and more big rigs are on the roads, the chances increase even more.  One way other drivers can lessen their chances of being in an accident with a semi is to be courteous and alert.  However, accidents are called accidents because they are simply that.  Sometimes […]

Can Truck Drivers Use Their Phones?

Most states now have laws in place that regulate the use of cell phones and other hand-held devices (like tablets) behind the wheel.  In some states, it is completely illegal for drivers to even be holding a cell phone.  However, these laws have been in place for truck drivers for a longer amount of time […]