Crashed Semi Spills Millions of Bees on I-5

It just goes to show that a semi can really hurt you…even if it doesn’t physically touch your car. If you could imagine for one moment driving along on your afternoon commute and run into what looks like a dust storm…but as you approach you realize that this dust storm is literally buzzing. The buzzing gets louder as you frantically try to roll your window up, but the bees are too numerous….sound to unreal to be true? Guess again! Take a look a this article from King 5 detailing the scenario that happened –

A semi-truck carrying millions of bees overturned on northbound
Interstate 5 near I-405 Friday morning, shutting down two lanes of

The truck driver said it happened after he blew a tire
while merging from I-405 to I-5. But a Washington State Patrol spokesman
said it appears the driver may have been going too fast.

The bees
were owned by Belleville Honey, a company in Burlington that rents bees
to farmers all over the West. According to the owner of Belleville
Honey, Eric Thompson, there were 448 hives on the truck, each with
50,000 to 60,000 bees. That’s at least 22 million bees.

The truck driver, a 36-year-old from Idaho, was not hurt, but many of
the bees were killed in the accident. An effort was made to save as
many of the remaining bees as possible.

The honeybees from
Belleville were in the middle of a long road-trip. They started the
season by pollinating the almond crop in California. Just before the
accident, they had been pollinating apple orchards in Eastern
Washington. They were en route to blueberry and raspberry farms in
Whatcom County when the truck toppled over on the interstate. Other bees
from Belleville Honey will also make the trip to canola seed farms in
Montana, according Thompson.

Thompson says he has insurance for
the bees. They represent about five percent of his company’s total
honeybee population. Almost all of the bees died in the accident.

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