Some doctors are better than others.  When a semi-truck accident results in injuries, having excellent doctors treat you should be a high priority.  If you are no longer getting emergency medical treatment, the doctors that you visit are up to you.   You can choose if you do not like a particular doctor, to go to a different doctor.  This is more difficult if you have a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) type insurance plan.

In a Health Maintenance Organization, you can pick your primary doctor (but after you pick him, it is difficult to change) and the doctors you can see are “in-network” doctors only.  This means that if you do not like one of your specialists, you really are hoping there is another specialist of that type in your area.  Otherwise you may be stuck with a doctor…that may have room for improvement.

Quick Doctor Evaluation Tip:
What distinguishes a good doctor from a bad doctor is the level of medical treatment and knowledge that doctor can use to treat you.

This is markedly different from simply not liking the doctor because he or she is short, unattractive, talks too fast or too slow, or any other type of personality traits.  Some of the best doctors are ones with personalities that are less than stellar.  However, their medical knowledge and treatment of their patients is stellar.   Having a knowledgeable doctor that is lacking on social skills is much preferable to having a doctor without outstanding social skills, and poor medical knowledge.

The doctor is not there to socialize.  The doctor is there to give you medical advice, and help treat your injuries.

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