After a semi-truck accident, getting to the proper specialists does make all the difference. Patients who understand that treatment is a process, and having an excellent specialist guide the way – make significantly more progress than those who do not find the right medical specialists.

Here are a few symptoms that you should not regard as medical advice, but should consider for what questions you might want to ask.

Here is what no doctors will ever tell you:

If you do not report your symptoms to your primary care doctor, you will never get the proper treatment. Further, even if you report proper symptoms to your primary care doctor it is often difficult to get you to the correct specialist.

Why is this?

Insurance is a corporate business. The goal of insurance is: Provide only the level of treatment that is required to not hurt our marketing to new customers. The goal is not to provide great care.

Insurance has a corporate mindset. Their goal is to make money.   Insurance calls paying for medical treatment “a loss.” If a patient has serious medical bills, that patient is a serious “loss” for insurance.

Therefore, insurance companies regularly deny attempts to see specialists, as a result of a semi-truck accident. Here is some language that you can use, to help you to get see the specialist that you need to see.

If you have a head injury, you may have some or all of the following symptoms:

  •            Fatigue
  •            Always tired/sleepy, regardless if you just woke up.
  •            Difficulty sleeping
  •            Vision changes
  •            Balance problems
  •            Dizziness
  •            Difficulty focusing
  •            Emotional changes
  •            Short fuse (things frustrate you easier than before)

These are all symptoms of a traumatic brain injury. This is one of the most common, yet serious conditions as a result of a semi-truck accident.

The specialists you need to see: Neurologist, neuropsychologist, neurosurgeon, and/or speech pathologist (they work with the way the mind communicates)

Pain/tingling in your arms or hands.

Often after a semi-truck accident, there will be pain in the arms and/or hands. The sensations will be intermittent, and not constant. There will be jolts of numbness and sometimes pain.

These types of symptoms are not related to any damage with your arms or hands. Rather these types of symptoms indicate that you damaged the discs in your neck.

There are disks that are in between the vertebrae of your neck. These are jelly like structures. When significant force is involved in an collision, these jelly like discs will get harmed, and then bulge or protrude out of place. Unfortunately the discs often will bulge into the spinal cord nerves, and then affect the arms and hands.

The good news is often this can be corrected with proper medical treatment.

The specialist that you need to see is someone who focuses on the neck, and possibly an orthopedic surgeon that specializes in microdiscectomies.

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