A blind spot is area around a semi-truck where the semi-truck driver cannot see. These areas cannot be seen out of the front window, or by the semi-truck driver’s mirrors. Blind spots exist on semi-trucks, and if you are located in a trucks blind spot, they will not be able to see you.

A good rule of thumb is that if you cannot see the mirrors of the semi-truck, the semi-truck driver cannot see you. This is not always true, but generally the easiest way to think about it.

Defensive driving must be practiced at all times around semi-trucks, to avoid these blind spots. Minimize the time that you and your vehicle are located in these blind spots, and you decrease the risk of being in a semi-truck accident.

There are new technologies that are starting to remove the blind spots on trucks. These technologies include video cameras, ultrasonic sonar type systems, RFID systems, and specialty mirror systems. These cannot be relied upon, as most of these systems have yet to take a large role in the semi-truck community. Until these are more widespread, it is easier to assume these technologies are in use.

Where are the semi-truck’s blind spots?

The largest blind spot on a semi-truck is behind the truck slightly to the passenger side. Additional blind spots include right below the passenger door, anything below 6 feet tall in front of the truck for about 30 feet, and directly behind the truck.

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