Fatal Accident With a Delivery Semi Truck

Unfortunately, semi truck accidents happen and can be devastating because of the size and weight of these vehicles.  Sometimes, it is not clear how an accident occurred – just like the example in the article below.  We know that if you or a loved one is involved in an accident with a semi truck, you need a strong attorney on your side to get you a settlement for what you’ve gone through.  That’s our team’s goal at Semi Truck Accident attorneys.  This news brief was provided by our sister website, Ernst Law Group.


An accident between a FedEx truck and a passenger vehicle in Oakland is being investigated. The incident occurred in the early-morning hours of December 21. One person involved in the accident lost their life.

According to reports, the semi truck and vehicle collided on I-880. The southbound lanes of the highway were shut down as officials conducted their investigation and then cleared the scene. The driver of the passenger vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene.

When emergency personnel responded to the accident, they observed the FedEx truck to be laying on its side. Investigators were trying to determine how the crash had happened. The highway was closed to southbound traffic for approximately five hours as officials collected evidence in an attempt to discern what had occurred. The highway was reopened just after 8:00 a.m.

It took some time to right the FedEx truck. The truck did not lose its load but a spokesman for the delivery company said, “In cases of damaged freight we have measures in place to immediately recover as much as possible and to communicate with our customers.”

The investigation into the accident continues.

When you or a loved one are involved in an accident with a semi truck in San Luis Obispo, the aftermath can be devastating. Serious injury and property loss are likely to occur, both of which can lead to financial difficulty. If you have been involved in such an accident, reach out to our team of personal injury attorneys to schedule a free case evaluation and discover more about your legal rights.

Source: http://www.ernstlawgroup.com/blog/fedex-truck-involved-fatal-crash/

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