Get the Most out of an Unfortunate Semi Truck Accident

Nobody goes out for a drive looking to get into a wreck with a semi truck in order to make themselves wealthy. It would just be a poor life decision…However it is important, as with any law suit, to be made whole from any loss that you have incurred. This article takes a look at how to maximize your settlement when dealing with semi truck accidents and the unfortunate devastation that they tend to cause.

Each year, thousands of people die in truck crashes involving large
commercial vehicles weighing more than 10,000 pounds – a category that
includes 18 wheelers, semi-trucks and large tractor trailers. Even more
people are seriously injured.

These 18 wheeler accidents are caused by a variety of factors, including but not limited to:


Commercial Driver Negligence
Driver error
Driver fatigue
Aggressive driving
Distracted driving (using cell phone/texting)
Impaired driving (alcohol or drugs)
Excessive speed
Failure to follow state and federal regulations

Trucking Company Negligence
Improper truck maintenance
Inadequate inspections
Unreasonable driver deadlines
Improperly loaded/Overloaded trucks
Failure to follow state and federal regulations

Third-Party Negligence
Defective brakes
Defective tires
Defective computer systems

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