If you have a Cummins engine, listen up!

Cummins is a very reputable brand that many logistics professionals rely on in order to do their daily business. Sometimes even the best can make big mistakes. Some 5,500 engines to be more specific. These engines could cause serious harm or injury if not replaced or repaired immediately. Continue below for more info.

Manufacturer Cummins Inc. is recalling nearly 5,500 heavy-duty diesel truck engines due to an electrical issue.

The recall affects ISX12 and ISX15 engines produced between March 7 and April 12 because of possible water infiltration in the engine control module connector.

“During the identified time period, defective masking caps allowed wash water to enter certain ECMs. The wash water and/or the subsequent residue may create an internal short circuit on the printed circuit board that could possibly cause a blown fuse in the ECM’s electrical supply circuit,” according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration recall notice.

A blown fuse would cause the engine to stall without warning and not restart until the control module and fuse are replaced, according to NHTSA.

The recall is expected to begin on July 7.

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