The best way to evaluate the law firm is to examine some of the things that they do:

As discussed already: you want a specialist’s law firm that a large part of the practice is exclusivity focused on semi-truck accidents.  Generally these firms are fairly small, from 2 lawyers up to about 10-15 lawyers.  Size of the firm does not matter. A lot of lawyers say they will take these cases, and only a few firms are actually talented at getting you your best recovery.  These are the firms you are looking for.

How can you tell if the firm specializes in truck accidents?
You cannot ask the lawyers if they specialize.  This will not help you.  Semi-truck accident cases tend to be excellent cases, and therefore the lawyers will say they specialize to get your case.  Don’t let this happen to you.

Here are some things that demonstrate they know what they are doing.
Ask them some very particular questions about the semi-truck industry.

Some examples are:
What is an OP-1 form?
Answer: it is a document that is signed by the owner or safety director in a trucking company.   You use this document to hold trucking companies accountable to the safety of the community that they drive in.
Why is it important?

The OP-1 Has an oath at the bottom that says they will abide by all of the federal trucking rules.  The rules are known as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.  Without using the OP-1 form as a key piece of evidence, the case will be set up improperly from the beginning.

Here are some things that demonstrate they probably need more training, expertise, and you probably would be better served hiring a different firm.

Do you use the rules of the road method?

The rules of the road is an old trial method.  Tried and tested.  The theory is that if a driver breaks the rules of the road, they are putting other drivers at risk.

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