There are good lawyers and there are bad lawyers.  For someone not in the industry, it is difficult to tell the difference.  So what lawyers are the best semi-truck accident lawyers?  What are the ones we would consider the rest (or the worst)?  Here is a comprehensive guide to being able to tell the best from the rest.

All lawyers specialize in different types of law.  When someone is a lawyer, it is similar to someone saying they have a college degree.   There are all different types of majors, specializations, and experience.  If you  have been in a semi-truck accident, you want a firm that specializes in lawsuits against large truck companies.

Pro tip:
All law firms will say they specialize in semi-truck accident cases.   That is because semi-truck accident cases tend to be great cases.  So the firm says “Yes, we are great at these cases.”  However, there is a wide disparity between firms who say they are good, and firms that are actually good.  You cannot ask the firm: do you take semi-truck accident cases?  That will not get you answer that is helpful.

The Best:
The firms that will be considered the best will be able to do the following.
Go to trial.  The firm will consider themselves trial lawyers, and will go to trial regularly. This means more than once a year on average (depending on the size of the firm).  Ask other lawyers in the area – who are the trial lawyers around here?   Those are the firms that you want to represent you.

Why is this?
Trial lawyers are the courtroom lawyers.  They are the lawyers that will take the case to a jury if the offer to settle your case against the truck company is not high enough.  Trial lawyer’s settlements are consistently much larger than lawyers that never go to trial.

The Rest:

Large law firms:
Sometimes these firms can be decent at large semi-truck accident cases, but more likely than not, they do not have enough of a specialty to be able to litigate against the trucking company well.  They have a large brand, and sound cool, but a younger associate just out of law school will be doing most of the work up on the case, and it will be his first time.

Firms that take any size case:
These firms can be small to very large.  They are law firms that will take a large amount of small damage cases.  They sue everyone, whether or not it’s deserved.  The firm’s business model will be taking as many cases as they can, and settle everything.  These lawyers are the opposite of trial lawyers.  They never go to trial, and the insurance companies know this.  These firms will get you less money than the value of your case.

How do you determine if a firm has a high churning ratio?  Ask the following question:  Will you take almost any auto case?   If the answer is yes, the firm is a churn firm, and will not do you justice.

Avoid firms that will tell you that they can get you a certain amount of money.  If a firm comes out and says we can get you (blank) dollars, they are a firm that you probably do not want to hire.

If the firm has billboards up around town, they are a firm you probably do not want to hire.

If the firm advertises cash quickly, they are probably a firm you do not want to hire.

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