Loss of work is another difficult problem that faces many people who are injured in semi-truck accidents. Head injuries and other complications that arise from the amount of force exerted in the collision make continuing to work difficult.

The sudden incursion of a large amount of medical bills can be compounded by the sudden inability to go to work, or preform at work. Not only are the medical bills continuing to rise, but the sudden inability to work further reduces what income was expected. This can instill panic.

The employer has no duty to continue to keep you on. Employers are split over this. Sometimes employers will continue and keep a person on payroll, if they are altruistic. Others will find out that one of their employees is seriously injured, and fire them right away.

Either way, a semi-truck injury is more likely than not the cause of the loss of work after the accident.

The loss of work usually occurs because of some of the following symptoms. Most arise out of permanent brain injury or chronic pain.

  • Poor concentration
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability/Emotional changes (often known as short fuse syndrome)
  • Memory problems
  • A general feeling that the person is not the same person they were before.

What are the first steps you can take after you lose your job and the medical bills keep piling up? There are a few options, so do no panic. If a semi-truck or someone else caused the injury, they will have insurance that should eventually pay for your medical bills. Sadly, their insurance cannot pay for your medical bills immediately, unless their insurance or your insurance has a provision called Med Pay.

There are two possible first steps. You could seek the advice of a lawyer, who can tell your medical providers to wait, and not turn your medical bills over to collections. Often, medical companies are interested in getting paid at the end of the day, and are happy to wait a year or two, as long as they know they will be paid. Your lawyer can take care of this. Note of caution: A lawyer will not do this for you unless you have signed up with his or her firm. You do not want to sign with a lawyer early, until you have done your homework. You want to pick a trial law firm and one that specializes in semi-truck accident cases. This is important. More on that is here.

The other option is you can call the medical provider companies yourself, and tell them that you have been seriously injured, but most likely there will be compensation from the at fault driver’s insurance, and you are not sure when that will be. You just need to seem pro-active, and demonstrate an ability that you will pay them back in the future. You can do this verbally. Do not give a statement of what happened at the incident, and do not sign any paperwork. Most lawyers will advise you against speaking to them at all, and the lawyer would rather take care of this for you. However, you deserve to have this knowledge.

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