Medical leave is often required or necessary after a semi-truck accident injury. Medical leave is different state by state. Generally it is best to speak to an attorney that is familiar with the state laws.

Medical leave was enacted by the FMLA, which is a federal program called the Family Medical Leave Act.

The numbers to remember is 12 weeks. The law allows for employees to take up to 12 weeks off for serious health conditions. However, these rules are only applicable to larger businesses (50 or more employees). If the business is smaller, they do not have to comply.

After 12 weeks off, generally the employer can act as they wish.

Temporary disability also is something that plays a large role in many states. In California, temporary disability is payments that can last up to two years after the date of the injury. The payments are up to 55% of the injured person’s regular wages. This happens when the employee is determined to be temporarily disabled and unable to work as a result of an injury. A determination is made of how much money should be paid, and this will continue until a permanent determination is made.

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