Proper medical treatment is the first priority when you are injured. If you do not get proper medical care in a timely fashion, you risk further injury, or the possibility that your body will not heal properly.
In addition to not healing properly, proper medical treatment and the medical bills that go with the necessary treatment are part of the value of your semi-truck accident case. If you do not attend your doctor’s visits and follow the doctor’s recommendations, in addition to not healing properly, you are sabotaging the value of your case.

Some people who are injured adopt the “I’m fine” mentality. This philosophy can work well when dealing with a cold, or the common flu, but when there is a semi-truck involved injury, the “I’m fine” approach makes it difficult for doctors to evaluate your injuries. Further, if doctors cannot evaluate your injuries and provide proper medical treatment, the insurance company will argue that the injured person is not injured.

Medical records and medical bills are the principle method of proving you are injured to an truck company and their insurance company. With little or no medical records documenting your injuries, it does not matter how hurt you are, there will be no compensation.

In addition to giving yourself the best chance to heal, proper medical treatment allows insurance companies to evaluate the extent of your injuries. Insurance companies have software that will calculate the value of what a case is worth. The semi-truck insurance company will put in numbers to their software program, which will display a number. This number is based off the medical bills that you have as a result of the accident. Therefore it is crucial that medical treatment was proper, and within 24-48 hours of the accident.

The lawyers representing the at fault party (the one who was driving badly and caused the accident) will argue that you are not hurt if you do not seek medical treatment. It does not matter the actual seriousness of your injuries, if you did not go to the hospital or seek some type of medical treatment, this is a fact that will be used against you.

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