Returning to work after a semi-truck accident can sometimes be difficult to impossible. Traditionally, after a serious injury with a semi-truck, a person has to come to terms with their new limitations, and one of those limitations is the difficulty in returning to work.

Before you can return to work, you must be cleared by your medical doctors that it is safe for you to return to work.

Double check that you have told the doctor all of your symptoms. If you have new symptoms that you do not tell your doctor about, your doctor may clear you when you are not ready to go back to work. This is dangerous physically, mentally, and financially.

Physically – Your doctor cannot give you proper medical care if you do not tell the doctor about all of your symptoms. Head injuries, soft tissue injuries, and nerve injuries sometimes will not have incredibly painful symptoms that will lead the injured person to not tell their doctor. Then the doctor does not have the full picture of all of the injuries, and will often clear a person before they are ready to go back to work.

Mentally – A serious injury causes mental strain on the injured person. This is often not discussed, or when it is discussed it is discussed as PTSD. An injury always produces a mental reaction to the new limitations. Regardless if the limitations are temporary or permanent, the mental stress associated with an injury is high. The injured person wants their life back as soon as possible, and wants “everything to go back to normal.” Unfortunately, this hinders the healing process. Returning to work too early will add additional stress.

Financially – How can I make money if I do not return to work immediately? If someone else caused the injury, they are responsible for the money that you would have made if you were not hurt. If you return to work, and then later on are too injured to continue, insurance companies generally will state that because you returned to work, you are not that injured. This is a common argument that is more successful than it should be. Do not let this happen to you, wait and heal before returning to work.

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