When a semi-truck accident occurs, who pays for the medical bills?    The law states that when someone other than you causes damage to property or injury of another person, the person who causes the accident should be responsible to pay for the harm.

This creates confusion, because when medical bills are piling up, the injured person believes the semi-truck company, or party responsible, should pay for the medical bills.  The party responsible WILL eventually pay money for the cost of those medical bills, but not in the beginning.  The party responsible can only write one check to cover all injuries associated with the body.  This includes, pain and suffering, medical bills, and wages loss.  This check will end the case once it is cashed.  Therefore, the party responsible cannot pay for the medical bills as they come up.

This creates all kinds of problems.  Lawyer’s clients will regularly ask, “How come I have to pay for my medical bills when I did not cause this accident?”

It is not a fair situation, but the law is designed to create finality.  One payment that takes care of all medical bills, wage loss, and pain and suffering is how the law is designed.  Therefore there are no piecemeal payments of the injured party’s medical bills.

This creates a lot of stress on the injured party, because while they are hurt, they also have unforeseen medical bills.  These medical bills are often large, and can be overwhelming.

There is one exception:  Med-Pay.
Med-pay is a type of insurance that you can purchase with your own auto policy.  When you purchase auto insurance, Med-pay is a type of insurance that you can purchase in addition to liability coverage.

The Med-Pay insurance that you purchase can be used to help pay some of your medical bills.  This insurance does not get counted as the final payment that was discussed above and can be used to pay for certain medical bills before the final settlement or trial.

Med-pay is sold in increments of $5000 dollars generally.  The money can be taken piecemeal or all at once.

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