Most Congestion Means Big Risk For Accidents

Los Angeles, California was recently dubbed the city with the worst traffic in the world for 2016. A lot of California traffic, and traffic in general, consists of semi trucks and other large commercial vehicles. So, for Los Angeles, the worst traffic increases the risk of accidents occurring, and more specifically accidents with semis. Read the new brief below for more on this.

The City of Angels topped the list of cities with the worst traffic, where motorists spent more than 104 hours stuck in traffic in 2016, a new ranking of the most congested cities found.

Behind Los Angeles was Moscow, New York, San Francisco and Bogota, Colombia, according to INRIX, a transportation analytics firm, in a review of 1,064 cities across 38 countries published Feb. 16. Atlanta and Miami ranked eighth and 10th on the list, respectively.

The firm’s traffic scorecard also determined that congestion resulted in an average cost of $1,400 per U.S. driver.

“The demand for driving is expected to continue to rise, while the supply of roadway will remain flat. Using big data and technology to improve operations of existing roadways offers a more immediate impact on traffic flows and mobility while transportation officials explore strategic capital investments,” said Bob Pishue, a senior economist at INRIX.


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