Big rig accidents are another term for semi-truck accidents. They are serious incidents, and often involve serious injury or death.

Big rigs consist of a tractor, which is the front part of a semi-truck, pulling a trailer, which is the back section that carries cargo.

When a big rig crashes, it causes ambulances, fire trucks, police, and safety crews to respond. The accident also can snarl traffic, and lead to further accidents, due to the freeway traffic not moving properly.

Big rigs, like semi-trucks, must abide by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Rules. These are laws that apply to every state. Known as the FMCSR, these rules are designed to keep the public safe from the large big rigs that travel hundreds of millions of miles every year.

May be hard to believe for some, but lawyers actually play a large role in keeping the public safe as well. Lawsuits make it expensive for large commercial vehicles to take unnecessary risks, because of the fear of a case. When big rig trucking companies cut corners, they deserve to be sued, especially when the result is injury or death. Trial lawyers often refer to this concept as justice. If big rig companies are allowed to cut corners and the injured and wrongfully killed people do not sue, it is similar to the community giving the dangerous behavior of the corporation a pass to continue that behavior. The result will be more accidents, and more unnecessary pain.

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