Double Rig accidents are devastating accidents, due the sheer volume of force that is involved. Double Rigs are where there are two trailers after the trailer of the cargo hauling vehicle. There are two pivot points on these rigs. There is one on the tractor, and then another pivot point at the rear of the first trailer. This means the truck takes more expertise to drive, turn, and back.

Sometimes these truck drivers are not qualified to drive double rigs, and they are simply expected to learn while driving. This is not safe, and trucking organizations have long pushed to have mandatory safety training and requirements. These trucking requirements differ from state to state, but often, to drive a double has the same requirements as driving a single. A commercial driver’s license is all that is required.

This is regardless that double rigs are easier to tip over, turn over, or over-correct (think of the children’s game of crack the whip, except that the whip are 40,000 pound truck trailers).

Backing a double rig is significantly different than backing a regular tractor trailer. This is because while you back to the right, the furthest back trailer will angle to the left. It has double the pivot points, and therefore does not behave as a normal trailer when the driver is reversing. As with most things with these large trucks, any type of unsuspected movement with semi-trucks can cause accidents, injury and death.

There is even an app for helping backing a double trailer. ZF makes an application that is still in the demonstration stage. The app allows drivers to back up the semi-truck through the electric power steering. This is a way to remotely back up the truck. This is not a commercial application yet, but rather they want to demonstrate the safety of backing up two trailers at the same time can have technological assistance. As it is now, a truck driver must call on the radio or get out and look to make sure he is not going to hit anything. There are better methods that will hopefully become used by truck drivers soon rather than later.

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