Doublewide accidents are when a semi-truck is caring a double wide trailer load that is wider than the average freight. Often these types of trucks will be caring houses, farm equipment, machinery, or aircraft equipment.

Normal trailers that haul freight are dangerous because of their weight. Doublewide trailers are dangerous because of their size and weight. By regulation, these trailers often have to have signs on the front and back of the vehicle that state “Wide Load” and other warnings.

While statistics of double wide incidents are not segregated and fall under the lump category of commercial motor vehicles, these types of accidents are usually catastrophic in nature, leading to serious injury or death.

States may have different rules and regulations regarding doublewide trailers in their state. However, similar to all semi-trucks, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Rules apply to double wide trailers. These apply to every state, in addition to the state rules.

In addition to the FMCSR, these double wide trailers need to plan their routes more carefully. Their load is heavier and wider than certain streets allow, and wider than certain roads. The dispatch must pay attention to the directions and guidance given to the truck driver delivering one of these trailers.

While the license to haul these trailers is the same as the normal commercial motor vehicle driver’s license (CDL), drivers vary in their experience in driving these double wide trailers.

If you are involved in an accident that has a double wide trailer a vast majority of the time the fault is the doublewide trailer driver. When it is the fault of the doublewide trailer driver, you have a claim to pay for your medical bills, lost wages (in the past and in the future) and pain and suffering. While these rules sometimes differ from state to state, it is always good to seek the advice of an attorney. The attorney you speak with should be able to answer your questions for free. Be wary though, you do not want to hire a firm that does not specialize in semi-truck accident cases. All lawyers will take a semi-truck accident case if someone is seriously injured, yet few lawyers specialize in semi-truck accident cases. The difference between the compensate you receive (money you receive) from a lawyer who does not specialize in semi-truck cases, vs a lawyer who does specialize in semi-truck cases is so significant that it isn’t 10,000 dollars, or 100,000 dollars, but often significantly more. While no lawyer can guarantee a result, the quality of lawyering will be significantly better if you hire a semi-truck accident lawyer. It is that important that you work with a law firm that specializes in semi-truck accident cases, that is in your best interest.

In addition to doublewide trailer accident requiring a good law firm, arguably more importantly you need good doctors. You will need a primary care doctor that understands the significance of the event you went through, and will refer you to the right specialists to get the treatment you need. The most common injury from a serious impact with a semi-truck or double trailer is a head injury. Sadly, since head injuries do not require continued hospitalization, and additionally head injuries do not have a high profit margin for pharmaceutical companies, head injuries are significantly under-diagnosed, and significantly under treated within the United States.

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