Eighteen wheeler accidents are another name for a semi-truck accident that occurs when the truck has eighteen wheels. These accidents are just as serious as semi-truck accidents, and you will most likely need professional medical and legal attention to help sort out all of the complications that will arise.

Why are they called eighteen wheelers?
Simple enough, as these types of semi-trucks have eighteen wheels. Each cargo container has sixteen wheels supporting its weight. The cab of the eighteen wheeler contains ten wheels, but eight of them are already supporting the cargo container. In total, there are eighteen wheels on an average size semi-truck.

Eighteen wheelers suffer the same types of problems that cause semi-trucks accidents. They face problems with rollovers, loss of control, traveling too fast, long hours, and other types of accidents.

Loss of Control:

Eighteen wheelers generally will weigh about 40,000 pounds when they are fully loaded. This is 20x the weight of a car. They have trouble stopping quickly, turning quickly, or avoiding sudden emergencies. Trucking safety experts, such as J.J. Keller will frequently instruct truck drivers to be looking way down the road, to try to spot problems as early as possible. Eighteen wheelers do not react nearly as quickly as other vehicles, and the more time a eighteen wheeler driver has, the more likely they can avoid a collision.

Traveling too fast:

Eighteen wheelers will get in accidents when traveling too fast. Traveling too fast is more dangerous for a eighteen wheeler because the weight of the truck makes it take significantly longer to slow down. When lawyers are needed due to insurance not paying injured parties, lawyers will often hire experts to demonstrate how much longer it takes to slow down a semi-truck from 55 miles an hour. These experts testify time and time again, that there is a certain area in front of every eighteen wheeler that is called the “kill zone.” If there is something that suddenly is in this zone, there is nothing the truck driver can do to avoid hitting you.

Long Hours:

Eighteen wheeler drivers have regulations that state the number of hours they can work. However, drivers often will take and drive more hours to make a larger paycheck. This leads to sleep disorders and endangers everyone else driving near and around that eighteen wheeler.

Jack Knifing:

This is a slang term that is often used by the media to describe a eighteen wheeler accident where the trailer is 90 degrees perpendicular to the semi-truck cab. When a eighteen wheelers trailer gets into this position, an accident will happen. The only question left, is how bad the accident will be.

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