Semi-truck accident is the most common term for an accident that occurs when a truck hauling cargo gets into an accident.

The semi-truck can be called all other kinds of words, such as a big rig, eighteen wheeler, or semi-trailer. These are all similar words to describe the behemoths that share the road with our vehicles.

All cargo trucks have rules and regulations that are stricter than regular rules of the road. These are federal rules, meaning they apply in every single state in the United States, in addition to the state laws. These rules are known as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

The reason for strict guidelines is because these vehicles are dangerous to vehicles around them. When semi-trucks are involved in any sort of accident, people are often seriously injured or killed. These serious injuries or deaths can often be avoided. While laws and regulations are passed, it is the doctors and lawyers that deal with the consequences of these broken laws.

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