Tanker truck accidents are one of the most feared types of semi-truck accident. Probably due to Hollywood movies, where tanker trucks explode, these types of accidents are dangerous, but it is very rare that the tanker portion of the vehicle is in a condition where it can explode. The dangers of tanker accidents are higher because of the higher possibility of roll overs.

Tanker trucks haul liquid. This liquid moves around in the tanker trucks, and can make the tanker trunk uneven, and drive differently than other types of semi-trucks. The liquid can move side to side, front to back, or in a circular motion. Each type of liquid movement produces a different effect on the ability to steer the tanker truck.

In addition to the liquid moving around in the truck, the level of liquid plays a large role. Empty tanks will drive like a regular semi-truck. Full tanks will be heavy, and drive like a loaded semi-truck, but the liquids will not slosh around that much, because the tanks are full. When the liquid is partially full, that is when there needs to be concern for the truck driver’s and other driver’s safety. The liquid has the highest ability to move and change the ability to steer the tanker truck when the liquid is only partially full. Above 90% of tanker truck accidents occur when the tanker truck is partially full. This statistic says it all.

A pre-trip inspection needs to include more than just the standard semi-truck inspection. The pre-trip inspection needs to evaluate how much liquid is in the tankers, and the effect that will have

Tanker truck safety is the priority. If you are in a tanker truck accident, there are two services you need. You need a doctor that specializes in large accidents, and you need a lawyer that specializes in semi-truck accidents. Safety for large tanker truck companies is only a priority if it is expensive to not make safety a priority. Lawyers balance this equation.

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