All types of trucks that are larger than a certain size have requirements that all corporations who operate these trucks must follow. The rules are from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Abbreviated they are called FMCSR, and they govern all trucks that travel between states.

Every truck company must sign a form, called the OP-1, that every motor carrier in the United States signs. This form states that every semi-truck company must sign, under oath, that they comply with the following:
“All motor carriers must comply with all pertinent Federal, State, local and tribal statutory and regulatory requirements when operating within the United States.”

Semi-Truck companies agree, as part of their ability to operate in the United States, that they will follow all of the rules. Sadly, this is rarely the truth. Semi-Truck companies regularly break the rules.

It is our job to educate the other drivers and citizens of this country about the rules. We want every driver on the road to know what semi-trucks can do, and what semi-trucks cannot do.

This site will detail the rules and regulations of semi-trucks, and so that you will know the safety rules yourself.

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