Driver Violations of the Semi-Truck Rules

Code Violation
395.8        Log book violation
395.8F1    Drivers Record of Duty Status is not current
391.11B2    Non-English Speaking Driver  (all drivers must speak English)
392.2SLLS2    Speeding (more than 6-10 over the speed limit)
392.16        Not using seatbelt while operating Commercial Motor Vehicle
391.41AF    Driving Property while not having Medical Certificate
395.3A2    Driving more than the 14 hour duty period allows
395.8E        False or Fake report of driver duty status
395.8A        Drivers Record of Duty Status not present.
392.2SLLS1    Speeding 1-5 miles over the speed limit
392.2SLLS3    Speeding 11-14 miles over the speed limit
391.45B    Medical Certificate expired
392.82A1    Mobile phone in use while operating a Commercial Motor Vehicle
383.23A2    Operating a Commercial Motor Vehicle without CDL license
392.2LV    Lane Restriction Violation

Vehicle Violations:

393.9         Turn signals or lights not working properly
393.75C     Tire tread less than 2/32 of Inch
393.11     Improper Lighting Devices/Reflective Devices
393.47E     Brakes out of adjustment
396.3A1     Catch all for Vehicle Defects and Maintenance Parts and Accessories
396.5B     Vehicle Defects Oil and/or Grease Leak
393.95A     Unsecured Fire Extinguisher
393.45B2     Failure to secure brake lines from damage.
396.17C     No Periodic Inspection
393.53B     Automatic Brake Adjuster
393.9TS     Inoperative Turn Signal
393.78     Windshield Wipers Inoperative/Defective
396.3A1B     All Others Brakes (General)
393.25F     Stop Lamp Violations
393.48A     All Others Inoperative/Defective Brakes
393.95F     Emergency Equipment No/Insufficient Warning Devices
393.60C     Windshield Damaged or Discolored Windshield
393.9H     Inoperative Head Lamps
393.75A2     Tire – Tread and/or Sidewall Separation
393.45D     All Others Brake Connections with Leaks/Constrictions

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