Sharing the Road With a Semi the Right Way

It is inevitable. At some point in time we are going to come to that point in your trip, whether it be on the highway or on a narrow mountain pass, that you are going to have to share the road with a semi trailer. If you were to ask anyone they would tell you that this is one of the most stressful moments for any driver no matter how long they have been driving. But for those looking to know there is a proper way to share the road, and this article talks about how! 

Millions of
passenger vehicles share the roads with semi trucks, and each day there
are collisions between the cars and trucks. Many of these collisions
could be avoided if the drivers of the passenger vehicles followed some
simple concepts that make it easier to drive near semi trucks. Here are
some tips to learn how to share the road with semi trucks.


  1. Drive so the driver of the semi truck can see you.
    Just like in any other vehicle, there are blind spots for drivers in
    semi trucks. One good rule of thumb is that if you can’t see the
    driver’s mirrors, he probably can’t see you. Avoid getting too close to
    the rear of a big truck, as this is another blind spot for the driver.
  2. Give the driver plenty of room to stop. Because of
    the heavy loads transported by semi trucks, they often require extra
    distance to come to a full stop at an intersection or stop light. Make
    it easier for the driver by resisting the temptation to dart into a gap
    in traffic in front of him or her. The gap is probably being left there
    on purpose by the driver in order to have a safe distance in which to
  3. Allow the truck ample space and time to back up. Even
    though the intersection or roadway may be blocked and you’re in a
    hurry, try to exercise patience as the driver attempts to back up into
    an alley, driveway or other space. Consider how difficult and
    challenging it may be to fit a truck and a long trailer into a tight

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