Tips to Avoiding a Semi Truck Accident

Stay alert and stay alive. A saying that many of us have heard and follow when driving on Americas roads. While being alert can help minimize your chances of being in a wreck with a semi, what are some other things that one could do to further our safety when driving around semi trucks?

This article takes a look at some other major points that could help save lives and keep us driving a little more safe the next time we get on the road.

How to Stay Safe and Avoid a Tractor-Trailer Accident

Obviously, the easiest way to prevent you and your family from
injuries on the road is to avoid accidents altogether.  While some
accidents may be unavoidable, there are many ways you can drive
defensively to help steer clear of less careful drivers.  This is
especially important around “semi” trucks and tractor trailers.  Due to
the size of these trucks and the conditions the drivers work in, it is
absolutely important that you use great caution when driving around
these vehicles on the road.  An important factor in preventing these
types of accidents is to understand the danger.

InjuryBoard has developed this article to provide you with
important information and simple techniques that will help you and your
family stay safe and prevent accidents when on the road.

Semi Rollover 525 - Join The Safety Revolution

Driving with Caution Around Trucks on the Road

Tractor trailers are less maneuverable, start more slowly and take
longer to stop than other vehicles.  They are particularly susceptible
to adverse road conditions.  The average semi truck with trailer can
range from 12,100 pounds to 80,000 pounds.  The federal government even
allows more and more trucks to operate at an overload capacity of over
80,000 pounds!  That means a large commercial truck like an 18-wheeler
weighs about 25 times the average automobile – up to 40 times more than
some small cars.  If a tractor trailer strikes a semi truck in the rear,
it does not stop or slow appreciably.  When you factor in the size of
the truck with the speed and weight, you can see why the possibility of
other vehicles becoming part of an accident is great.  In fact, tractor
trailer accidents account for an eighth of all traffic fatalities.

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