Truck Features for Safety

There are certain safety features that help truck drivers operate their vehicles safer, and one of those features is a dash cam.  Dash cams can be thought to encourage drivers to take less risks at the wheel because if an accident were to happen, footage could be used for insurance or legal purposes.  Learn more about this opinion in the blog post from our sister website,, below.

How Dash Cams Reduce Truck Accidents

January 17, 2017 | Taylor Ernst

Trucks accidents are, without a doubt, some of the worst on California’s roads. They are much more likely to cause severe injury and fatalities, but almost always for passengers in the vehicle with which the truck collides. However, truck drivers themselves also see a great deal of injuries and illnesses themselves.

According to experts, about one-sixth of all work fatalities are semi truck drivers — 761 in 2014 alone. Further, truck drivers also have the highest number of nonfatal illnesses and injuries of any industry. From the business owners’ side, these statistics equal massive costs. Between increasing emissions costs and greater safety requirements, repairing or replacing a tractor trailer upwards of $200,000, in addition to insurance and other requirements.

As such, businesses are looking for more ways to keep their drivers safe and, in turn, save money and lives. The newest trend? Dash cams.

The Benefits of Dash Cams

Dash cams have been used for many years in a variety of ways. Perhaps the most common use is by police officers, who use them to have video evidence of traffic stops and other incidents in a trial. However, private citizens are using them more and more. One of the most popular YouTube searches is for dash cam videos, which usually feature strange or hilarious interactions. However, the greatest use is as evidence for insurance claims.

Trucking companies are thinking along those lines as they install more dash cams into their fleet. Not only do companies now have evidence if another driver is at fault, but dash cams also tend to impact truck drivers’ habits — for the better. Truckers are less likely to drive dangerously if they know their every move is potentially being watched. And when smartphones are used as the dash cam, the inclination to use said phone is cut drastically.

Invasion of Privacy?

Some trucking companies are taking dash cams to the next level by also installing inward-facing cameras. These cameras are triggered by certain critical events, such as sharp turns or hard brakes. While the camera is practically always on, it would only record a short time before and after the incident to see if the driver themselves was the cause. While it may seem invasive, some drivers are just fine with the new technology.

Drivers who know they are safe on the road seem to be more willing to have an inward-facing camera, which seems inevitable anyway. With so much monitoring going on, insurance rates are typically lowered (sometimes drastically).If a case goes to court, the driver has proof that they were driving safely.

Other connective technology could be a major help for truck drivers and, in turn, others on the road in the coming years. More connectivity means truckers can be notified almost instantly of any dangerous conditions coming up on the road. In addition, this technology could monitor routes better and make sure required breaks are taken to prevent fatigue.

Even with all this technology, however, wrecks will likely still happen. If you were injured in a semi truck accident in San Luis Obispo, contact the attorneys at Ernst Law Group today for a free case evaluation.


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