When there is a semi-truck accident, there is a property damage claim for all items of property that are damaged in the accident. These can include damage to your vehicle, damage to laptops, clothing, cell phones, art, sports equipment, etc.

Property damage is separate from an injury claim. Generally when there is a semi-truck accident of some sort, there will be two general claims that arise. One will be an injury claim, and the other is the property claim. The injury claim can include worker’s compensation, a government claim, a third party claim, or a wrongful death claim. However, all of these claims are still part of the injury claim.

Property damage tends to stand alone, and does not have subsections or more complications. The simple question that insurance will ask is the following: Did someone other than you cause the accident? And if so, what was the value of property that was destroyed.

The value of items destroyed can be calculated through receipts, or finding comparable prices of similar items online. These documents you can provide to the insurance company of the driver at fault, and issue a demand.   This demand is for one single payment that will cover the loss of all the property that resulted from the semi-truck accident.

Statutes of Limitations for Property Damage Semi Truck case:

If property is damaged in relation to a semi-truck accident, the person’s whose property is destroyed has a certain time frame to bring a case. The property that is destroyed can include vehicles, laptops, electronics, phones, clothes, gear, activity materials (such as snowboards or surfboards), and other material.

There is a certain time frame that the property damage case must be asserted. In California, the property damage claim can be any time until 2 years from the date of the incident.   After two years from the date of the incident goes by, a property claim can no longer be asserted. It will be barred by the statute of limitations.

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